Handmade Felt Artworks & Wearables, Workshops & Demonstrations

by Cynthia Mollenkopf


Felt Making

The process of compressing fibers    into a non-woven fabric. Objects and art may be created during the felting process or by using the flat felted fabric as the medium. Wet Felting requires water, soap, rubbing, and rolling. Dry Felting requires specialized barbed needles to compress the fibers.  These processes are often combined during production.  Common fibers used for felting include: sheep's wool, mohair, angora, alpaca, llama. Non-felting fibers like silk and cotton may be embedded during the felting process.


ARTiFELTs is participating in the Virtual 2020 Boylan Heights Art Walk.  Many creations are visible in this gallery.  All items that are available for sale may be seen  & purchased HERE.

Exploring the Art of Felt Making